Water Testing Products

We offer a range of high-quality, easy to use products that help you quickly and confidently measure water quality parameters.


Photometric analysis is a simple and effective mechanism for determining water quality parameters.

Visual Testers

One of the most effective ways to maintain water quality in your swimming pools, hot tubs etc is the use of visual test strips which is essential for ensuring the safety of those who use it.

High-Quality Equipment

All of our products are manufactured in an environmentally controlled facility with extensive testing throughout the production process to ensure product integrity and accuracy.

Digital Water Testing

Visual Test Strips

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Digital Water Test Kits

We have a range of testing kits perfect for testing your Pool & Spa, Lead, Brewery, Underwater Ecosystems and more with everything you need in the most convenient case.

" Quick and easy testing of drinking water for a range of parameters to ensure water is safe and suitable to consume. The colour coded charts make for easy comparison in order to determine indicative concentrations. "

- Joe B.