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eXact iDip® (NCW-486101)

By eXact®
Part No: NCW-486101

The eXact iDip® Smart Photometer System® is the first, patented, handheld photometer to provide 2–way communication with a Bluetooth® Smart (4.0) Apple or Android smartphone/tablet.


The eXact iDip® photometer is fully waterproof (IP67) and has a permanent built-in sample cell. This eliminates the separate cell (no breakage or loss and quicker actions) and simplifies the test procedure, which improves accuracy.

In order to truly customize your photometer to test for any parameter you need to test for, we have created an app that connects to the photometer and through which you can choose to purchase the specific tests that you need rather than purchasing an expensive photometer with all the tests on there. This means your photometer is personally adapted to your needs.

The multilingual eXact iDip® app system allows for instantaneous software updates/upgrades which means you’ll always have the latest technology with your photometer and app rather than having to purchase a new one every few years. The app also allows for test customization, saving results, mobile sharing, emailing of results with downloadable spreadsheets, GPS location etc. The app comes in 10 languages. It has 4 pre-installed tests (basic pool and spa tests) and over 40 additional parameters available for easy app purchase.

This photometer has so many options and available test algorithms that it can be used in any water industry and environment. The eXact iDip® Smart Photometer System® uses our patented, affordable eXact Micro Strips. These are safe reagent strips; meaning that instead of using dangerous, wet reagents or crushing harmful chemicals, you can simply dip the patented strip into the water sample in the cell and the strip releases the perfect amount of dry reagent into the water in order to perform the test. The strip and the reagent are both eco-friendly and safe. We use trace amounts of chemicals on our strips which makes them extremely safe and non-hazardous. They are considered as Articles under OSHA and do not require SDS sheets.

This photometer is so adaptable and is currently used worldwide in industries such as: well water testing, tap water testing, process water testing, pool and spa water testing, food sanitation, brewing, aquariums, ponds, and many more. The eXact iDip® system gives you a truly customized system that’s accurate, saves money, time, and uses GREEN chemistry.

Additional test parameters will need to be purchased and downloaded in-app at £4.99 each or as a bundle.

App available in 10 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Latvian, Czech, Dutch, and Chinese.

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eXact iDip Compatible Parameters

Product Contents
  • Retail box comes with basic components to start water testing (smartphone not included)
  • eXact iDip® 525 Photometer
  • Cleaning brush
  • Instruction manual
  • Individually wrapped reagents (6 tests each): Total Alkalinity, pH, Free Chlorine (DPD-1), and Combined/Total Chlorine (DPD-3)
  • Free downloadable app with pre-installed tests: pH, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Total Alkalinity.
  • 4.25"W x 7.25"H x 2.25"D | 10.8oz

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