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Safe Swim® Meter Reagent pH (NCW-486639-II-IES)

Part No: NCW-486639-II-IES

⚠️ For Use With Safe Swim Digital Photometer ONLY ⚠️

Experience a safe and enjoyable swimming environment with the Safe Swim Meter Reagent pH Test Solution! Specifically designed for use with the Safe Swim Digital Photometer, this product ensures accurate testing of pH levels in your pool or hot tub.


Easy Testing: Our reagent solution provides precise results through a simple testing process, eliminating the need for complicated procedures.

Ample Supply: Each bottle contains 100 tests worth of reagent solution, giving you plenty for comprehensive water testing.

Accurate Assessment: Monitor pH levels from 6.4 to 8.4, effectively evaluating water acidity.

Simplified Process: Say goodbye to tablets and powders; our patented strips make testing streamlined and convenient.

Reliable Results: Exclusively designed for use with the Safe Swim Digital Photometer, ensuring dependable pH readings.

Why Choose a Digital Water Test over Visual Test Strips?

While visual test strips have been widely used for water testing, the Safe Swim Digital Photometer offers significant advantages in accuracy and reliability. Digital water tests use advanced technology to precisely measure pH levels, resulting in more consistent and dependable readings compared to subjective color comparisons with visual strips. The digital photometer eliminates human error and provides a more precise assessment of your water quality, allowing you to take prompt and accurate actions to maintain a safe swimming environment for you and your loved ones. Invest in the Safe Swim Digital Photometer and our pH Test Solution for the most accurate and efficient water testing experience available. Enjoy peace of mind with every swim!

Test Quantity

100 tests

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