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SenSafe® Lead Paint Test (NCW-480310)

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Part No: NCW-480310

Best selling UK, EU & US Lead Paint Test.

This Lead Paint colour test strip, from our SenSafe® brand allows for quick and accurate testing of Lead in paint. It measures >600 ppm and >5000 ppm in less than 5 minutes.


In addition, the strips are safe to use, individually packaged, safe on all surfaces, and even work on red paint. The Lead Paint Test is the economical choice for your testing needs. The indicator in this test reacts with lead and other heavy metals.

All necessary reagents are included and no other accessories are needed. We use trace amounts of chemicals on our strips which makes them extremely safe and non-hazardous. They are considered as Articles under OSHA and do not require SDS sheets. This packaging is recyclable.

A very easy and safe way to see if you have lead paint, perfect for home DIY or professional use. Very clear yes/no test. 

Lead in paint

We know that too much lead in our bodies isn’t healthy. Over the last
30 years or so, a lot has been done to get rid of lead in this country,
but you may still come across it in old paint.
This is because up until the mid-1960s, lead was used to make some
kinds of paint – for windows, doors, and other woodwork as well as
for some metal items, like radiators. A few minor uses continued until
the 1980s.

How will I know if there’s lead in my paintwork?

  • The age of your home is a good guide. If it was built before the1960s and still has original coats of paint, there could be some lead around.
  • Another clue is if your paintwork is quite thick – lead could be locked into the oldest layers. That’s not a problem if it’s in good condition and you don’t plan to decorate. If it has recently had a new coat of paint, this probably will have sealed any lead in.
  • Modern household paints do not contain added lead and are not dangerous. So, if your home is newer, there won’t be any lead there.
  • Testing for it. 

Buy with confidence

  • Each ITS test strip is manufactured in an environmentally controlled facility with extensive testing throughout the production process to ensure product integrity and accuracy.

0 (0.0%), 600 (0.06%), 5000 (0.5%) ppm (mg/L)

Test Quantity

35 tests

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